Happy Marriage of New and Old Mediums

I chose to implement the use of social media in my job searching efforts to capitalize on new mediums in order to promote and differentiate myself. I launched HireDaveCutler.com, created a Foursquare venue and released the Dave Cutler app. These steps (amongst other covered here), coupled with my persistent networking and professional development pursuits proved to be fairly successful in expanding my network, establishing a name for myself and unearthing prospective employment opportunities. One unexpected benefit was capturing the attention of more traditional mediums. In the past three weeks, I have appeared in the Boston Globe, on Fox25 News (both shown below) and on WBUR radio’s Here & Now. The irony is not lost on me that I’ve garnered a lot of attention over the past few weeks as a result of “old media.” However, I see this as the perfect marriage of new and old and I’m hoping that their nuptials result in offspring in the form of a new job for yours truly…

(Be clicking on the image above, you can view a PDF of the full article)


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